Support from the waist and pull!

Posture adjustment belt

The soft belt is not tight, but can still maintain your posture!

The soft belt comfortably supports your shoulders and back, and its elasticity does not make your stomach tight.
Even while you sleep, you can adjust your sleeping posture and feel refreshed from your shoulders to your waist.
It is made by a thin fabric that is hard to be noticed.

Prdoct name Posture adjustment belt
M-L 68-90cm
L-LL 78-100cm
Material (Body fabric) 84% nylon, 16% polyurethane
(Belt) 78% nylon, 22% polyurethane
Country of origin Japan
Directions ・If you are visiting a hospital for shoulder, back, or hip problems, consult a doctor before use.
・If you feel any pain or other abnormalities during or after use, immediately discontinue use.