The ankle is fixed so you can walk briskly!

Healthy Muscle Leg Strengthener EX

Revitalize Your Steps with Ankle and Flat Foot Care!

Built-in arch support in the arch area lifts the arch, providing straight ankle support. Furthermore, the high-pressure fabric stretches robustly like muscles, offering strong support. With a thickness of approximately 1mm, shoes can be worn comfortably without feeling tight, even when layered with socks, and they stay breathable, preventing moisture buildup.

Prdoct name Healthy Muscle Leg Strengthener EX
Size Ankle Circumference
M for right foot    19-21cm
M For left foot     19-21cm
For L right foot 21~23cm
For L left foot 21-23cm
Material (Fabric) polyurethane, nylon, (pad) polyethylene foam
Country of origin Japan